Himawari Hotel Apartments 2nd Annual Blood Donation Drive

Engly Tuy (Sakura): Yesterday Himawari Hotel Apartments hosted their 2nd annual blood donation campaign which was attended by Union of Youth Federation of Cambodia, St John Phnom Penh, The Love Club, Cambodian Police Force, Cambodia Biker Club, corporate sponsors and members of the public. In attendance were H.E. Sar Sokha, Vice President of Union of Youth Federation of Cambodia, Dr Hok Kimcheng, the director of the Ministry of Health’s National Blood Transfusion Center. Last year there were about 250 donors who participated, and this year there were more than 500 donors participating in the blood donation drive at Himawari Hotel. The event was designed to help raise awareness about the need to donate, as World Blood Donation Day approaches on June 14.
Photos by: Engly Tuy (Sakura) and Mr. Andrew Tay

2054Andrew Tay, Alicia Lim, Directors of Himawari Hotel, H.E. Sar Sokha and members of St John Phnom Penh.

3553Peter Ng and members of the Cambodia Biker Club.


7907Sok Eng and H.E. Sar Ratha