‘Heart Beat’ premier @ Major Cineplex Sorya Center Point

SAKURA ENGLY: The Khmer romantic comedy ‘Heart Beat’ premiered on Wednesday at Major Cineplex, Sorya Center Point. ‘Heart Beat’ is about a rich spoilt girl who gets anything she wants in life. Her life changes when she meets the friend of her driver and falls in love with him. ‘Heart Beat’ is screened today at all Major, Legend and Prime cinemas.
Photo by: Engly Tuy (Sakura) 

2426_CutKhiev Lyly and Kim Dara answer Q&A to local Media

2420Actor Kim Dara, Actresses Khiev Lyly and Rolin and other artists attending the movie premier of ‘Heart Beat’

2447Khiev Lyly and Kim Dara posing with artists and friends.