Woranuch Wongsawan (Nune) Super Thai Star Attends Inthanin Opening @ BKK1

SAKURA ENGLY: Woranuch Wongsawan, a popular Thai soap opera actress also known as Nune attended the opening of Inthanin, a Thai chain of cafes, in BKK1. Nune has received many awards for her roles in her soap operas, including the “Top Awards 2004, Best Leading Actress Award” for Mae Ai Sa-uen. Nune also co-hosts the show Thi Ni Mo Chit (This is Mo Chit). Nune graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Suan Dusit University and was born on 24 September 1980 in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand. 
Photo by: Engly Tuy (Sakura)

2068_CutThai super star Woranuch Wongsawan or Nune at the Inthanin opening ceremony.

2096Woranuch Wongsawan (Nune) with Guest.

2099Cambodian performance artists posing with Woranuch Wongsawan.

2049Romdoul Lich Tek and artists at the Inthanin opening ceremony.

2117Lok Chumteav Yim Chai Lin and Nak Sreyna.

2124Guests at the Inthanin opening ceremony posing in a group photo.