Old World v New World tastes @ The Winest Showroom

SAKURA ENGLY: Winest Cambodia organised a wine tasting under the theme “Old World v New World Tastes” at The Winest Showroom. The purpose of the event was wine tasting and to network and exchange stories about wine. The event showcased the many kinds of wine and guests also had the chance to taste wines from different winemaking regions of the world.
Photo by: Sakura Engly

4824Chhim Chenda, Managing Director of Winest Cambodia, in a group photo with the media and colleagues

4841Lim Heng, Event Planner of AdsZone, Uk Thien, General Manager of AdsZone, and Chheang Makara, Account Executive of Tiger Media

4816Meath Leathea, Sales and Marketing Manager of Winest Cambodia and Chhim Chenda, Managing Director of Winest Cambodia