SAKURA ENGLY: This year will be a significant one for Emperors of China as it celebrates its eighth year in conjunction with their annual Chinese New Year third networking event. The event was held to thank clients and partners for supporting Emperors of China. Denise Lum, Group Operation Director at Meas Development Holding, overseeing brands such as Emperors of China, Dim Sum Emperors, Blue Pumpkin and Yoshinoya, said this year’s Emperors of China will be going through some image and branding changes to stay current with the ever changing landscape of the food and beverage industry. The menu will also be updated with the latest food trends from China. Emperors of China wishes everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai and an abundance of wealth and health.
Photo by: Sakura Engly and Supplied

201807Anne-Sarine Courcoux having a group photo with management

201806_CutAnne-Sarine Courcoux, Chairwoman, Representative Meas Development Holding

5189Emperors of China team at the event

5251Anne-Sarine Courcoux and Bearring Phang, CEO of Worldwide Investment Group

201803Anne-Sarine Courcoux, Chairwoman, Representative Meas Development Holding, and the management team doing Yee Sang tossing to celebrate the Year of the Dog